CPP Job Analysis FAQs

The 2014 job analysis survey sample was comprised of 3,500 – 2,040 CPPs working in the United States, and 1,460 working internationally.
Why was the exam updated?  Is this necessary?

The update was due to a worldwide analysis (role delineation) of security management jobs. This is an important step for all of the ASIS International certification programs and is performed approximately every five years.  This is an essential process, because it helps to ensure that the exam content accurately reflects job related activities and professional standards.

Explain the Survey Process

The revised and updated content outline was validated through implementation of a Web-based survey of security managers.   The survey was disseminated during the spring of 2014 and was open from May 15 to June 4, 2014.  The survey sample was comprised of 3,500 CPPs – 2,040 CPPs working in the United States, and 1,460 working internationally who were randomly selected for data collection on required tasks, knowledge, time, and various risk assessments.  Rating scales were designed to measure: the frequency of performance and potential harm that could result if a CPP could not perform the tasks; the percentage of time spent in each domain and the potential harm associated of each domain; and the frequency of use of the knowledge as well as the potential harm if the CPP did not possess the knowledge.

Is the CPP reference list current?

Yes, exam questions are based on the recommended reference materials.  Candidates are encouraged to refer to the reference materials as they prepare for the exam. After carefully reviewing the domains of study and identifying individual learning needs, candidates may use additional references and study opportunities as necessary.

Will the proctored exam be the same as the assessment exams administered during CPP Reviews and Prep-programs?

No, review program developers do not have access to live exams.  The domains of study – with the breakdowns for tasks and knowledge requirements – are the basis for all study courses. The study guide, prepared by the faculty who teach the review course, is based on these faculty members’ interpretation of what should be studied.  They are knowledgeable professionals, but do not have access to the proctored exam.   Review faculty help reinforce concepts covered on the exam.  However candidates should not underestimate the difficulty of the live exam or compare with the assessments.

Achieving a passing score via a prep-assessment does not guarantee successful exam results.   To avoid conflict of interest situations, neither the PCB nor Certification staff is involved with the production of assessment materials or review classes.